God (for staying with me in everything I do), Jesus (for your sacrifice), zerojg21 and the Garcia family (for "never giving up on me"), Coner and Real Soundz (for always backing me no matter the odds), Mom (for storing all my stuff over the years while I was away), Tech Sgt Kosier (for everything you provided in times of need), TLV Pwnsauce (for hookin' me up!), E. Harvey (for the support and staying true), uncle (for being my personal trainer), Destructonaut (for keeping boxing alive), Jason @ GET (for being strict but fair), and Jeff @ GET (for the recognition and lessons), and to anyone who has helped BADCP out during the making of this site.

The making of BADCP was inspired by music from Terror (Live By The Code), Freya (All Hail The End), All Out War (Into The Killing Fields), Bury Your Dead (Mosh 'N Roll), Emmure (Slave To The Game), Leaders (Now We Are Free), Saving Grace (The King Is Coming), For Today (Immortal), Hatebreed (The Divinity Of Purpose), First Blood (Silence Is Betrayal), Dead To Fall (Are You Serious?), Deftones (Koi No Yokan), Waka Flocka Flame (Triple F Life), GlassJaw (Coloring Book), Korn (The Path Of Totality).

K-Swiss, Dickies, Nike, Old Navy.

Arby's, Chipotle, Subway, Hostess, Cadbury Mini-Eggs, Doritos, Twizzlers Nibs.

Cetaphil, Burberry, Nautica.

Never Forgotten
This site was made in loving memory of Chuck Hoppe, Hector Navarro, and Jesus Fontes. "Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, only the good, die young, you're still living through all of us."