Bass Drops
Some marketing asshole somewhere at some corporate office thinks you're just a mindless fuck who plays video games, and some asshole who runs GameFly agrees. Moreover, they both probably agree that if you aren't that way, then they'll make you that way. Doubt it? Look no further than their laughably-pathetic TV commercials for proof. The proof is all there, neatly packed into precisely-timed commercials designed to tell you what to like, or to make you question what you like so that you change to their monetary gain. If you aren't offended by this, then you should be.


Read Between The Lines
Their meager, yet carefully-designed approach is simple; they put trendy geeks and twerps in front of TVs to catch the attention of "gamers" (because apparently nerds are "in" now), and they talk about how if you don't rent through GameFly you're not shit. You don't exist. These guys are doing a paid commercial, but damn, they act as bad as they look. It's terrible. To make matters worse, there's a sharp, underlying, and condescending tone in each commercial meant to make you feel like you have something to prove to them. Wait, who's going after whose money here? This shit's insulting.

Yeah, like I'm going to let some fat turd on the TV tell me if I'm legit or not. Saying some bullshit about how "if you're a gamer you need GameFly." Or some garbage about being a "gamer" or not. I don't give a fuck about being a gamer (and neither should you). As if a scene of fake fools wasn't enough, now you need to redeem yourself and prove yourself to a game rental corporation? Fuck that, and fuck them. Why does anybody need to prove themselves to some game rental corporation? At least when I went to Blockbuster I wasn't beaten over the head with being a gamer or not just to rent a game.

Then, there's some idiot on one of the commercials saying "I like the kwathicks." Classics? What would you or GameFly know about classics, you fuck? I don't see GameFly renting out NES, SNES, or TG-16 games. Classics...give me a fucking break. Only a small fraction of classics are even available through GameFly If you're really into classics, GameFly is probably the worst direction you could in because it would limit what you play to only the most recent generation. A lot of serious game players who are into the classics play across genres and eras; not just classics that are redone and/or re-released. Contrary to what big media tries to portray, they don't just limit their play to "what's new."

The bottom line here is that I won't be insulted by any corporation, whether it's GameStop or GameFly I'd rather go without than to make their fat guts bigger. Who the fuck really even rents games anymore, anyway? I know probably two people; everyone else just trades. Speaking of trades, though, GameFly has a commercial mocking GameStop where they act like they're so much better. True, GameStop is an asshole corporation, but GameFly acts like trading games in for value is somehow less beneficial than renting a game and not being able to trade anything at all. Enter GameFly logic. How does this make sense? Not that they are the sole reason hardly anyone rents anymore, but with the way GameFly advertises, though, I wouldn't want to rent anything. After Netflix did what they did with movies-by-mail, it was only a matter of time until the same idea hit video games. That's not a bad thing, and it wasn't a bad thing that it was GameFly. who got there and took advantage of the opportunity; it's their approach that ultimately deters me from even trying what their service...